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大堀香奈|卡密欧口服胶囊"Commander, or the end is near." "The latter took zhou yu by the hand and hurried on."Subordinates don't see it." Shook his head, ma liang doubt to look at zhuge liang: "I do not know why the adviser doubt this person?""Wrong again, not to help him, but to help you." Fa zheng said with a smile, "the troops in shu have not been attacked for a long time, the weapons have been stored in storage, and the soldiers in ma fang's army are just like the young boys and strong men in our army. Moreover, brother zi qiao, in a wantless word, even without you, there might be some trouble, but if our army were to enter shu, you would not be able to stop it. Moreover, brother zi qiao does not really think that no one in shu is willing to cooperate with our Lord except you?"

< / p > < p > on the other side, guan yu with hundreds of residual troops back to jingzhou army battalion, liu bei saw guan yu a face embarrassed back, and then did not speak, directly fell on his knees in front of liu bei, not surprised: "cloud long, why so?"Then what do you want?" "Said zhang songshen.Three breaths later, in Fred's dazed eyes, more than a dozen soldiers who seemed to be elite fell silently.大堀香奈|"If you had said that a month ago, you wouldn't know, but now... "Pang tong put the wine bowl on the table and shook his head and smiled." the general trend has been decided.

大堀香奈|"Good, all of you then follow me to see how powerful this gao shun is!" Cao cao smiled."Shubi, do not underestimate the world's heroes, if liu bei is so unbearable, how can he and lv bu, cao cao attention? Besides, although he had just won jingzhou, the troops of nanyang under his command did not mention that the troops of jiang xia alone stopped zhou yu in jiang xia, and he could not enter at all. At this time, liu bei personally led his troops to go on a war march. Sun jing shook her head and said solemnly.Chapter 62 pound VS guan yu

"Ha-ha, not too well known. Come here, xuande gong. Cao cao took liu bei's arm and said, "surrounded by all the people, he entered the tent and pointed to them." I would like to introduce Lord xuande to you."We have already arranged a retreat for the jiangdong shuijun. However, zhou yu refused to agree. This is not only a retreat." Zhuge liang shook his feather fan and said, "from the very beginning, I am afraid that jiangdong did not have the intention to attack lv bu, but put the target on my jingzhou, and only wait for my jingzhou to guard against the emptiness, so that he could take advantage of the emptiness and enter. When the time comes, it will not be jiangdong but our army that will be cut off.""Xun has seen the emperor's uncle." Liu xun did not wait for cao cao to introduce the first step to liu bei a salute.大堀香奈|




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