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穿着裙子在野战|山东期货开户Before many families clamor to crusade against lu bu, but when lu bu really sit in luoyang, make a pair of to dry posture, these voices are strange disappeared."The report ~"< / p > < p > one night without words, the next morning, zhang lu called hanzhong wenwu conference in the hall, the horses have been assembled, only to wait for zhang lu to give an order, can send yangpingguan, but before zhang lu ordered, a south zheng garrison quickly rushed in.

Not only here, but also from other directions, the other side seemed to have no intention of attacking the city, but began to build a fence arrow tower. The whole yicheng district suddenly seemed to be an inner city.< / p > < p > zhao DE's complexion all of a sudden dark down, although he is not what famous, but not stupid, the other side did not hide their purpose, is the siege of yecheng, and then strike the idea of reinforcements.Make a few cuts in the line: "But as just now, once the concessions to the religious law, some incision, let people know, as long as in the past, from here can be exempt from punishment, the cut, the more the lower limit will gradually become a paper empty talk, such a law, even the good man, watched around millions of people are doing bad things, but it can through the way to become a bad man, that such a bad law is law, and we want to do, is to constantly consolidate and improve the lower limit, will use up these flaws, let people dare not to touch this line, and then on the basis of this line, Confucianism, Taoism, mohism, despite these school is free to play, And only in this case, will appear more moral saints, it is no longer a legend, so, both from the source is not a contradiction, only some Confucian ju-men for personal gain or status, and to consciously to belittle, as such, say that the teacher, itself has deficiencies in moral, they were reluctant to recognise the role of the law, or no ability to see these."Lv bu did not follow out, the result from the beginning has been doomed, this level of battle, he was not interested in going to see, straight to lanzhan.穿着裙子在野战|Zhang yun zhang opened his mouth, complexion a change, face become pale, incredible looking kuai yue way: "he... You...... "

穿着裙子在野战|Over the years as the trade with the guanzhong, they can realize the lyu3 bu4, what's more, many families a calculation, if really go to war, regardless of winning or losing, their losses are not small, and lu bu if this time closed the guanzhong and trade in the central plains, many small and medium-sized family giants, I'm afraid to lose everything.Still have many central plains old and noble family accuse lv bu one's previous experience problem, a wu fu one's previous experience, how does the somebody else cao cao say to also be serious after famous family, have what qualification to compare with somebody else?Gently close the door, lv bu began a day of morning exercise.

"This crossbow and that row of crossbows alone will make it more difficult to attack the city of lv bu in the future." Zhong you shook his head regretfully. The car liu ye had driven into the city was quite good, but it was a pity that he was now missing.But let Chen qun disappointed is, nightingale refused, she does not need pity and charity, Chen qun is not angry, but to such a strange woman more admiration."Go!" The other side of the bolt is power beyond Yang Bo, korte expected, although it is more than five thousand people, but the power of the burst is comparable to more than ten thousand troops, but also scales began exposed the shortcomings, not dense army, shields cannot give archer in the rear of the adequate protection, many JianCu through the shield of aperture, the hapless archer in the rear of the fall on the ground.穿着裙子在野战|





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