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肉肉写的很细致的文np|锌粉价格"Thirty thousand troops have been brought back, and now they have been handed over to the city guards to keep outside." Zhang he looked at his face and asked, hesitating, "Sir, master... ""Good to say, luxiong died here, CAI MAO must be investigated, if we do not agree, CAI MAO will be in the bandits grounds, led the troops into jiangxia, jiangxia who will be in charge when the time comes, but not necessarily! Huang zu cold hum a, he suspected that luxiong is CAI MAO threw the bait here, luxiong's death, CAI MAO will make use of the storm, destroy a dozen people, with such a stir? Anyway huang zu is dead also don't believe.Pang tong bet, although was sent to arrange, but look at it again, the above each law is clear, no change is necessary, lyu3 bu4 just need to let the average-land system in its own hands again, even if their disorderly change, the real land equalization policy has been issued, was sent to your hands, but is to let the average-land system compiled above, more than my own name.

Most importantly, yuan tan is death, but yuan instead become the biggest beneficiaries of the battle, but more yuan tan of the site, after the two brothers against each other, there are many forces are on alert for each other, but now the yuan tan, beware of don't have to, just the military forces, or just outside the camp, of lu bu, not easy to deal with, what's more, there are horses in yecheng the lyu3 bu4 summit.Yuan tan wu yi is not bad, in yuan shao three son, with brave wu call oneself, yuan tan often also is proud of this, but yuan tan also has self-knowledge, deal with ordinary general, his wu yi is enough to deal with, but deal with lv bu this day the first, that will be another matter, see lv bu kill, where dare to fight.Pound heard the words silently, regardless of the martial arts, han rong led the troops, but not what elite, just ordinary state troops, even with the infantry to his cavalry in the plain area to restrain the death, pound is also a military horse for many years, this is the first time.肉肉写的很细致的文np|Known as the xi, is the shandong hermit, the son of the professor, the superior skills, good make a stem trigeminal days ji, improper responsible courage, the puyang, lyu3 bu4 attacks with lyu3 bu4 fireworks lily and unbeaten, later, the more the professor died, the xi terribly home, missed the xuzhou war, now return, together with xu chu, two guards to cao cao.

肉肉写的很细致的文np|Judge match call him to go back, it is to hope him to help support yuan shang to contend for the throne of Lord obviously, just at present arch-enemy current, Lord is not really dead, these people already began to make a blatant?Guo jia shook his head, did not speak, yuan shao is friendly with wuhuan, but now, let wuhuan to play lubu, with lubu in the name of the grassland, I am afraid that wuhuan would rather directly with yuan shao turned against, also did not have the courage to move lubu's site.No matter what era, even the modern era advocating human rights, there is also a class division, but it is not so obvious. Lu bu, who has another world soul and experience, is fully aware of this. It is unrealistic and not necessarily a good thing to completely eliminate the class.

"The Lord is a bastard! < / p > < p > is a female soldier climbed out of the mud hole, learn to scold li shuxiang's appearance, and then without waiting for lv bu to speak, ran to li shuxiang side, consciously do."Hush rhythm ~""As long as meng jin is in hand, CAI MAO's back road will be in our hands, not afraid that they will not issue provisions to us." Sima lang laughed and said, "the tiger prison is unbreakable. Meng jin must be in our hands."肉肉写的很细致的文np|




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