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不在犯罪现场剧情介绍|陕西融和集团"Here!" Han De instinctively should 1, hurriedly will his armor tidy up again, awe at lyu3 bu4.All the Huns' faces changed instantly, They finally understand the purpose of the han people, one by one crazy rushed to the barracks, raging flames and forcing the heat wave, will be many people in a flash, but still have a few fierce huns rushed out of the fire, however, to meet them, not the air of freedom, but the cold arrow cluster.Time waits for no man!

Army line an hour later, under the leadership of the moon people, finally arrived at the tribe of ZuoXianWang, is a fight in the darkest hour before dawn began."Yes, I shall have seen madame at that end of the day." Han De don't know sorted is who, but the two words of Confucianism in this era of gold is not small, make Han De awe.Who knows is about to arrive at Mei county, was ambushed by lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 is aimed at the candidate, in order to ensure that it killed, personally, by the red hare fast, don't wait for the candidate to react, has rushed to the handsome flag, party day painting ji effortlessly startled in the candidate's eyes, will candidate cut down, immediately with the army.不在犯罪现场剧情介绍|"Master absurd praise, delay the kui don't deserve it." Wei hurriedly way.

不在犯罪现场剧情介绍|A few hours ago, a team of qiang appeared at the gates of jincheng, just simply show that they burn when qiang people, guarding the city soldiers unexpectedly have no doubt, put them into the city, when lyu3 bu4 led the army to kill, took the gate, make jincheng solid wall, lyu3 bu4 completely breached the city in three hours."Yes!" Zhou Cang grinned grimly and dragged Miu Shang's collar like a dead dog.

Chen Qun-wen said with a wry smile, "It's true that the Duke of Tsao is not hiding anything from us. I'm afraid he can't get enough hay to redeem us.""You..." D look flushed, hate hate waiting for zhou cang."Almost." Again a few times, found that the enemy has no response, Chen Xing led the team back to the city to the lieutenant: "Go, now is the best time."不在犯罪现场剧情介绍|





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