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盈科律师事务所 张晴|鸭血批发Temuzhen, is lyu3 bu4 to get an alias for himself, in order to avoid being recognized, lyu3 bu4 will party day painting ji and red rabbit and eagle, are left in the United States millet, only with the fixed sky bow out.Zhang he frowned and said, "strategist, is it too hasty to judge only by the stars?""Do you know who is general?" Zhang he asked.

"Let's go." Watching the Kilvu people rushing to the front of the camp, A large number of knights head into the pre-arranged pit, suddenly fell a piece, the camp unexpectedly no one rushed out, disdain sneer at, this is their only chance to win, so wasted, and then, when the beggar tribe regrouped, is also the time for the tribe to disappear completely.This time, accompanied by not only five thousand cavalry, there are five thousand horses, this time, with cavalry is no different.Chapter 42 snow盈科律师事务所 张晴|Falling in to grant smell speech looked up, the sky is full of stars, he how to know which zhang he said is a few, just looked up at that moment, face suddenly changed, stare big eyes, open mouth, muttered: "too white retrograde, invasion of cattle, fighting points, chaos, chaos!"

盈科律师事务所 张晴|"Now that your excellency has planned everything well, what can Wang do to help you?" Wang Yong glanced at the ghost-like appearance of the guard behind Zhang Gu, a cold in the heart, hurriedly dry laughed.You mustn't be in trouble!"That Wei Wen-chang, who claim to be a general, was a little too careful." Chen xing said, can not help but sneer at 1, with military forces swaggering to the gate, loudly to ChengTou foot soldiers loudly way: "I am a title of generals in ancient times under general for thief corps commander Chen xing, the defenders of the city listen to, immediately open the gate, switch offer to surrender, otherwise, the day of the city break, will call you die without burial ground!"

An arrow rain fell, large slaves like mowing grass was ChengTou down the arrow cluster took away life.Uighur when naively scratched his head with a smile."At the end of the day!" Five people got military orders, their departure, only pound, rather depressed to giffin, so war, he can't participate.盈科律师事务所 张晴|




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