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0773桂林交友网二手柳工挖掘机"Time to think, there are so few of them that, as you say, it's a waste of information." Lu bu some helpless way, this time should have, but in the south of this generation, but also not much, lu bu sent people secretly searched, but very little, after all, this war era, can raise pigeons with information transmission association together with the people.Lyu3 bu4 smiled, did not receive words, but what stationed here is not an ordinary soldier general.These days, lyu3 bu4 is thoroughly realize the five-star constitution of the abnormal condition of the individual talent back, if use modern words, lyu3 bu4 inverse growth state, this paragraph of time has been at five times the speed of recovery of metabolism of side effect was even more than the most young, the body in the short more than 20 days, great changes have taken place, and this shift continues, move forward at the same time, the qi and lu bu themselves more strong, even in the winter, stood next to lu bu can feel a hot idea.

"Yes, my daughter." < / p > < p > lu lingqi felt very confused, hurried to say goodbye to lu bu, then go back, she needs be quiet."Be!" Tanu agreed to a sound, hurriedly even roll with climb out of the order.It was probably because lv bu had only 300 soldiers with him, and all of them were one man and two horses under the tent. The garrison officer in the city got into his mind and opened the gate directly, bringing more than a thousand troops out towards the three hundred hussars and riding camps.0773桂林交友网Chapter 65 the bloody chang 'an (I)

0773桂林交友网< / p > < p > liu yun and diao cicada can not help but feel gloomy, although know lv bu can accompany their time is not much, but think of fighting again, even if the husband is the world's first fierce, at this time, can not help but worry.Hetao, according to the plan of lyu3 bu4, as long as you can start from the western regions, will reopen in zhang ye, dunhuang, jiuquan, and then restart the silk road, establish a in changan, for the prosperity of economic center zone, with the silk road, a large amount of absorbing foreign resources, use these resources to operate the guanzhong, forming a virtuous circle, like lyu3 bu4 say, not in ten years, changan will become the economic center of the world, is not only refers to the central plains, but the whole continental plate, will be lyu3 bu4 solid thoroughly down his new system.It is impossible for the old family to be destroyed. After these men grow up, lu bu will also become a new powerful person. What lu bu should do is to eliminate the threat to the royal power to the minimum before these new families grow up.

"The Lord at the end." Gao shun retreat back to camp, to see lu bu.Do not know oneself this daughter goes out outside a circle naturally, caught a phoenix young lady to oneself come back, so the gentleman of chicken young lady (youth edition) be put in here so.0773桂林交友网




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